Monday, June 22, 2009

Stay poor and spiritual, please.

French people have a very special relationship to money. An unclear relationship full of embarrassment. Could be a minor issue. But this absurd embarrassment has consequences.

Typical. I remember talking to people of my family about the financial freedom I wanted and my determination to succeed. What I had in return was : "What's wrong with you ? Why are you so obsessed with money ?".

To gain credibility and support I had to really justify myself, explain that I didn't want the illusion of a "normal" life, that I wanted to travel, meet people, purchase things I like, be able to do important things, work on projects I care about. Otherwise I would have been burnt on the public square, people shouting at me : "CAPITALIST WITCH !".

I was more expecting something like: "Good for you ! You'll have all my support, I really wish you'll achieve your goals and reach the kind of life you're seeking." I'd better forget this.
What hides this discomfort is the fear that our intelligence (!) and spirituality (!) might be absorbed by such a trivial concern.

But working hard all your life from 9 to 5 for... money, isn't it trivial and suddenly more absurd ?

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