Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smash fear, learn anything

Tim Ferriss' book The 4-hour workweek is THE book that made me believe in the possibility that I could start my own business. Applying this book's advices has had concrete results for me. Why ? Because this guy speaks like you and I, never says "no" or "can't", and always wants to improve himself. He questions everything and changes your way of looking at life and projects and dreams.

By the way, the book has a website :

The fact is, we're all capable of great things, we just don't know how to mine our mind. Also, we are in a scheme which is really hard to get rid of or to rethink. The truth is there isn't only one scheme of living our lives.

Here is a talk by Tim Ferriss at the TED conference about our capacity to learn anything, to excel at something if we really want to and know how.
Fear prevents us from achieving more things than you know.
Please, don't just listen.

You're closer from success than you think.

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