Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Being here Part 2 (a message from a reader...)

I just received a message from one of the readers of this blog, Alvaris, about my last post "Being here". There it is :

"Hi LouiseM, You have a very nice blog. I like the post talking about "being there". A psychology term would be "flow". It's amazing. If your interested, you can find it on TED. It's a talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Hope you'll like it."

I immediately looked for this video on TED.com and found it. I actually just finished watching it and I am thrilled and surprised because this talk is really a deeper and more "technical" description of my intuition about the fact of "being there", the "flow". Another coincidence is that among many brilliant examples Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gives, he makes a reference to Jennifer Lin's improvisation at the same TED conference, that you can watch on my last post !

You know what ? I don't believe in chance, I believe in encounters of ideas.

I would like to thank Alvaris for sharing this with me so I can share it with you all. This is what blogging is to me, feeling part of a growing community because we are willing to share valuable ideas and thoughts with people we know so little about, but more each post...

Here it is :


  1. I really like how you also share a video in your post. I think it expands upon your idea.

    TED is really aweseome. Have you heard Professor Seligman's talk? He's the founder of "positive psychology". He gave a presentation at TED.He talked about what makes human "happy".

  2. Do you think people are more open on a blog than they would be in a face to face situation?
    I don't think I am formulating what I want to say very well, but I consider that on a blog the 'warning' signs of potential disapproval are absent...the expression, the posture, etc.
    which gives oe the confidence to continue.

  3. Yes I do agree with you !
    I think it's also because it can take a while before someone reads you and having a reaction, positive or negative, is always precious because you interest people you don't know and you keep being open because this is your era of freedom and in this ocean that is internet and blogs, a disapproval is the time soemone took to read you and answer, which is a valuable thing.

    What do you mean by "wish I could type"?

  4. Alvaris, yes this is also a great talk, linked to the one by Dan Gilbert. I love it ! Wish I'd be able to attend a TED conference in the future ! So many interesting people to meet...

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