Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye French lukewarmness

Something you'll never see on French TV because we just cannot do this :
Extreme Makeover : Home Edition, hosted by Ty Pennington.

Americans are the champions of emotion. And even though it obviously is well narrated, well edited, well produced, it remains true.

Real tears, real laugh, real struggle, real relief.

I need it. It's my dose of American solidarity. In France, something immoderate like this is seen as unecessary, not essential, too much. But my point is that this immoderation, the one I'm seeking and finding in this show, is one of the many ways to keep my mind able to marvel at things because of this excess of feelings. It surpasses us and this is precisely what brings us back to the essential : people. People who give, understand, share, love.

There are periods in life where you are more receptive to a certain type of energy. I'm receptive to that one. It definitely leaves a trace on me because it's excessive and that is what my life misses sometimes. I can't thank my country and culture for bringing me that... so I look elsewhere and I learn to :

Focus on the essential

Forget lukewarmness

Do everything thoroughly


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