Sunday, June 7, 2009

American Express inspires me !

Six months ago I was looking for a business idea, for inspiration, for something, someone, to bring out my entrepreuneurial mind and push me to transform thoughts into action.

I googled many things in French. I found one book, blogs, forums, official website of the Chamber of Commerce... I must admit that I am easily tired of the French business approach because it never goes beyond what I expect. It never reaches the point where, seated in front of my laptop, an uncontrolable smile on my face, I think out loud "YES !".

So I searched in English and I discovered two precious websites :

About the first website, everything is in the title ! As for, there also are business ideas sorted by industry, interest or profession. They also mention the startup costs and if franchises are available.
Their newsletters are brilliant, the information is clear and inventive. I always look forward to receive them.

But things really changed for me the day I found the Open forum by American Express.

This website is what I was looking for without knowing it. The website itself, its structure, is easy to use and pleasant. You can watch videos, read business stories, follow the blog. And you can sort all this by topic: finance, marketing, innovation, leadership, management.

Through the short videos that I watched on this Open forum, I met the american way of thinking business. I watched people talk with passion and faith and simplicity about their business, about ideas, solutions, advices, services, company's ethic, and so on.

What I realised then was this simple fact :
Business is about people first.

Here is a very short video about blogging with Seth Godin and Tom Peters.


By the way, Seth Godin will be the subject of a forthcoming post. Come back soon or follow this blog !

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